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UK Hoop Gathering Weekender

3rd - 5th July 2009

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Here are some thoughts from some of the participants of the

UK Hoop Gathering weekend event 2009.... 



Karin - I found it the BEST weekend I could dream of! Fantastic place, really wonderful people and the atmosphere was so friendly, open and full of inspiration.



Emma - I could probably go on forever about how much this weekend has meant to me.. I've come home happier and more at one with my hooping. I'm still in shock that a weekend hooping was better than Glasto the week before!!!!



Sarah - As a very new hooper I was super nervous about UKHG and very apprehensive of how "stupid I would look" compared to most of the super hoopers that would be there, but after getting over the initial settling in period on Friday I had an absolute blast!! I would advise any new hooper to grab this weekend by the horns, get into it and get hooping - I haven't stopped since I got back!!! Yay!!!! :) :)



Kitty - What touched me most was witnessing people blossom and bloom into the very hoopy best of themselves this weekend, and seeing the love between everyone.



Steve - The spectacle of all the led hoops on friday night and all the candles leading down to the fire hooping on saturday will remain in my memory for along time, it was truely beautiful.



Beth - I would like to attest to the fact that the UKHG far surpassed my already high expectations. I feel completely honored and incredibly lucky to have been part of it....I am returning to the US feeling very inspired and affected by the warmth of the UK hoop community.