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UKHG events 2010


In 2010 the UK Hoop Gathering Project offered THREE weekend

events (due to demand!) -


one for beginner/intermediate hoopers,

one for intermediate/advanced hoopers.

and one for all abilities of hoopers together!


Each event comprised two full days and two nights of

hooping, playing and learning!

Dorm accommodation was available as well as camping, and all food/refreshments/entertainment were included during the weekends!



 "Not sure where to start really. 4 years ago it was well quiet in the UK, hoop dancers were few and far between. Now we are a full expanding, growing, fantastic, super hot bunch. We have men and danger and nudity and raw talent all around. Push it Forwards indeed :-)" - Sharna, UK


"Im so lucky that I went to UKHG "Push It Forwards" weekend!!! The atmosphere was so warm, friendly and down earth!!! Food was great also! HoopyLove for everyone who was there, I hope that our paths come close again soon!!!" - Kati, Finland


"Just got back from the two UKHG weekends and I feel all filled up with hoop-love (again) and inspiration! These weekends are the very best, it's so wonderful to share with other hoopers from different countries. Seeing so many familiar faces again and meeting new people...dancing '5 Rhythms', performance night...The atmosphere is awesome!" - Karin, Holland


"This was really a great gathering of hoopers - this was my first experience hooping with so many other nice girls - I'll never forget that and hope to attend next year, meeting all of you again!" - Heike, Germany

















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